Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Treats

I've never been very keen on fake, made-up holidays like Valentine's Day. It was always cute when we were kids, giving out little cards with generic sentiments spoken by our favorite cartoon characters attached to tiny packets of inedible candy that we would all enthusiastically try to break our teeth on later. It was fun then, and I'm sure it was hilarious for the teachers to watch all of the little boys shyly trying to give the girls their Valentine's, and hoping for one in return.

Since those days, I've grown somewhat wiser, and a little bitter, and realized that Valentine's Day is just a way for greeting card companies to make their quarterly profits and for restaurants to spike their prices on indulgent and pretentious prix fix menus. I also understand that showing the person you love how much you care about them is immensely important; however I don't need nor want Hallmark, Nestle, or FTD to tell me when I am expected to do so. Luckily, Mrs. Rosewater does not subscribe to the doctrine of St. Valentine either, and as the anniversary of our very first date is the next day, we have a much better reason to celebrate and dote on one another.

Ok, enough Proselytizing. Sorry, I kind of went on a rant there. In spite of my obvious disdain for this "holiday", it is always a good excuse to enjoy something sweet with my sweetie. We decided to try our hand at making crepes with Nutella, that famed Parisian street food and favorite treat of Nutella lovers everywhere. I've never made crepes before, and the craft has a certain learning curve to it. To add to the handicap, we do not have an actual crepe pan or that handy little wooden spreader thingy used to evenly cover said pan with batter. About halfway through the bowl of batter, we realized we should be spooning the Nutella onto the crepe whilst it was still in the pan, ensuring it was hot enough to melt the spread.

Throw a couple of strawberry slices inside, fold, and serve topped with powdered sugar. Or more strawberries. My first try at crepe making was pretty successful, if I do say so myself. And no, the fact that this is my second post in a row to include Nutella is not lost on me. What can I say? We had plenty left over from World Nutella Day 2009. I hope everyone's Valentine's or Anti-Valentine's Day were just what you hoped they would be. Enjoy!


Kristy said...

Love nutella, and love your blog! My wedding anniversary is the day after v-day! Can't wait to try these yummy crepes!