Sunday, February 22, 2009

Urban Pastoral

This week we picked up our first delivery of fresh, organic seasonal fruits and vegetables from Eatwell Farm's Community Supported Agriculture program. I'm super excited about getting a box of amazing produce every other week.

This weeks box included Fuji Apples, Pomelo, Lettuce, Spinach, Leeks, Bok Choy, Collards, Green Garlic, Radishes, Italian Flat-Leafed Parsley, Butternut Squash, Oranges, and Kiwis.

Not only does the Tiny Kitchen get to enjoy this fresh organic bounty, we are supporting the good hardworking people of a local California farm striving to keep alive the agrarian traditions of our great state. Local farms like Eatwell are the cornerstone of our food system, and the source of our continued sustenance.

And because we are all watching our expenses these days, it bears mentioning that buying a share in any CSA program is vastly cheaper than shopping at your local Safeway. A 4 week share from Eatwell Farm costs $108, or about $27 per week. Most CSA's, like Eatwell, let you choose between weekly or bi-weekly delivery.

For more information on Eatwell Farm and local Community Sponsored Agriculture, please visit the Eatwell Farm website or


Sara said...

I've been thinking about joining a CSA, glad you mentioned this one!

Mr. Rosewater said...

Sara - this is a pretty good one, a great value and lots of really tasty stuff. Local harvest has a pretty extensive list of CSA's for whatever region you are in. Thanks for stopping by!