Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Indigestion

Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday, our pseudo-national holiday of greasy food & cold beer, rampant gambling, million-dollar television commercials, and I think there was a football game on, too.

The Super Bowl party has become a national past time, almost as much so as the actual game itself. People come together bearing cases of beer, chips and dip, and crock pots bubbling with cheesy, spicy delights. Our good friends Rick and Erin hosted us again this year, and they had their house fully prepped for the big game. The couch was even arranged into stadium seating complete with 3-D glasses and penalty flags for the ultimate viewing experience.

But on to the food. I didn't actually cook anything; I still haven't mastered cooking for large groups. So, we headed up to Sonoma county with some snacks from Trader Joe's and our winning personalities. Everyone brought something to snack on, from multi-layered dips, peanut butter & chocolate cupcakes, barbeque pork, and a cheesy buffalo chicken dip that I can only liken to crack. It's just that good.

Oh, and in case you missed the game, the Steelers won. It ended up being a pretty exciting Super Bowl. I hope everyone had a great time, where ever you were.


Chrystal said...


And your spread looks awesome. Those strawberries look delish!

Mo Diva said...

that is an amazing spread! and LOL at the 3D glasses everyone rocked!