Monday, September 20, 2010

2010 San Francisco Street Food Festival

I feel a little awkward posting this now, so many weeks after the actual event.  The 2nd annual SF Street Food Festival was a monumental foodie extravaganza, with offerings from some of San Francisco's best restaurants and food carts, so I would be remiss if I did not at least share the photos of our experience that day.

Although it was a bit overcast, the weather did not at all dampen the spirit of people queuing up to sink their teeth into the creations of so many amazing chefs.  Lines were long to be sure, but moved quickly and with little grumbling from the crowds.  If stories from the first Street Food Festival are to be believed, this event was infinitely better planned as the expected crowds of thousands of Bay Area foodies had, at least comparatively, more room to move around, line up, or just grab a curb and enjoy their eats.

So enjoy the pictures we took, and use them either as a reminder of a great day spend chowing down in the Mission, or as inspiration to attended next years sure to be epic event.  Because we certainly enjoyed taking them.

Ramen from Hapa Ramen

Prosciutto wrapped figs

The huddled masses wait patiently

Corn on the cob with honey butter from Zella's

Fried chicken with harissa and corn from Aziza

S'mores don't get much better than this

Brulee the marshmallow... genius!

The finale, a monsterous funnel cake