Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Harvest

Where are you greatest food memories created?  Is it at that impossible to get a table, once in a life time, four star restaurant with the out of this world wine list?  Or that cozy neighborhood spot that serves your favorite dish, just the way you like it, every time?

Maybe it is a night in with good friends, eating that favorite home made dish and drinking just one too many bottles of wine?  For me, often it is a rare weekend spent with family and long time friends.  A day out in the garden, picking buckets of tomatoes and other veggies, working together in a crowded home kitchen putting together a feast, with everyone pitching in where they can.

We recently had just that weekend, and it was... well, there really are no adjectives to describe the enjoyment of time spent among the people you love, eating food grown and prepared by hand in a place so familiar you know it blindfolded.  So for now, we'll just call it "home".

I've got no recipes for you this post, just some pictures of friends and family coming together to enjoy each others company and celebrate a garden's summer harvest.  We enjoyed a beer braised pulled pork, some fried okra, corn with garlic and chili powder, some delicious grilled vegetables, and the star of the show my mother's beautiful and exquisite tomatoes fresh from the garden.  Enjoy.

Beautiful tiny carrots

Garden of color

The garden

One morning's harvest

Freshly picked tomatoes

Fried Okra

Grilled squash

A beautiful caprese salad

Colors of the garden
  Our Table


Dodger Fan said...

Thank you, Mr. Rosewater. You wrote beautifully of our family harvest festival. We are still picking copious amounts of tomatoes.