Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Day In The Park

Nothing beats a day at the park.  Warm sun, fresh air, throngs of tourists looking for parking.  This weekend, before all of the Independence Day hullabaloo, the missus and I decided to take a nice long stroll through Golden Gate Park and enjoy the fleeting San Francisco sun.  Oh and hey, whats this?  Sam's Chowder Mobile was there too, serving delicious lobster rolls and fish & chips just behind the music concourse.

We often plan our outings around the places we want to eat, and this day was no exception.  Golden Gate Park can get a bit crowded, but I have been wanting to give the Chowder Mobile a try for a while, and what better way to enjoy lunch than sitting on a park bench, soaking up sunshine, munching on delicious sea food?

While the menu is a little pricey for what you might expect from a food truck, the quality is truly worth your money.  The "shortie" lobster roll is fantastic, sweet flaky lobster chunks stuffed (barely) into a toasted butter slice of bread.  The missus took on the fish and chips which were perfectly breaded and not terribly greasy, as some variations can be.  I will warn though that the order of fries for $4 is actually an enormous order of fries, almost worthy of being a meal unto themselves.  Unless you are sharing them with a couple of people or just really love fries, save your money.

All in all, a great day out in the park.  Yummy food, warm sun, a great walk.  Keep track of Sam's Chowder Mobile on Twitter at Twitter.com/chowdermobile to find out where they will show up next.


Teena in Toronto said...

I had fish 'n chips twice last week. Delish!

Happy blogoversary :)