Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Great New Snack

My new friends at were kind enough to drop some of their newest product in the mail to me so I could try it out and tell all of you faithful readers about it.  (See what I do for you people?)  Jerky of any variety makes a great snack, especially good for tucking away in your desk drawer at work for when those late-afternoon hunger pangs sneak up on you.'s newest offering of Pineapple Jerky is dehydrated Maui pineapple rounds drizzled in honey.  The pineapple is just the right amount of tangy while the honey's sweetness takes the edge off of the bite.  True to it's name, the jerky is chewy, but comes apart easily and isn't tough at all.  The flavors aren't overpowering, and you won't taste any sulfur with your dehydrated fruit, because there isn't any.  Just pineapple and honey.

These tart dehydrated pineapple rings will be great for those looking for something new to calm their sweet cravings, and just anyone looking for a healthy mid-day snack.'s Pineapple Jerky is available in 1/4 pound packs for $9.99 or in packs of 4 4-ounce packs for $32.99.  While you're visiting, check out's expansive catalog of beef jerky, turkey jerky, and exotic jerkies.

Thanks for hooking up the Tiny Kitchen with such a great snack!